Company Profile
HONG U Scientific Corp.

1. General Information:

We, HONG-U Scientific Corp., were founded in1998, as the leading importer and distributor of more than twelve years standing in the scientific and laboratory facilities trade. We have the good knowledge of the Taiwan market and through our sales organization, good contacts with the leading retailers. Our marketing area is built throughout wholly Taiwan. Mostly all of our staffs have an abundant experience in sale more than 15 years.

2. History:

Due to foreseeing biological technology would be one of the most important technology in the 21 century, several management executives with physical experience and professional knowledge founded Hong-U Scientific Corp. in 1998 for distributing and selling Biomedical Equipment, Filtration System, Disposable Products and Medical Instruments. Our service accounts cover hospitals, research institutes, laboratories, biotech companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, food manufacturers and medical-college students etc. We strive to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of life science and hi-tech researchers by providing innovative and high quality products and services. At the same time, enforcement of business management so as to enhance competitiveness and heighten overall operating performance. We believe that by anticipating customer needs and exceeding their expectations, we will continue to grow as a highly respected organization that contributes meaningful to scientific advancement.

3. Goals and Visions:

Cell engineering and gene research are our future developing direction and goals. In the future we expect to become the leader of the territory.

4. Suppliers and products:

1998 Hong U Scientific Corporation was founded in Taipei

1998 Act on a distributor basis for ADVANTEC from Japan
        ◎ Filter, Filter paper, Membrance filter, Fraction collector, etc.

2002 Act on a sole agency basis for ASTEC from Japan
        ◎ Real-time Cultured cell monitoring system, PCR machine , CO2 incubators, Block incubators,etc.

2004 Act on a agency basis for Denver from Germany
        ◎ Balance

2006 Act on an distributer basis for KITAZATO from Japan
        ◎ Vitrification Kit for IVF, Microwarm/cool plate

2007 Act on an agency basis for Thermo Fisher from Finland
        ◎ Finnpipette

2007 Act on an agency basis for QSP from USA
        ◎ Pipette’s tip, micro tube.

2008 Act on an agency basis for MPW from Poland
        ◎ Centrifuge

2008 Act on a sole agency basis for BEX from Japan
        ◎ Electro cell fusion generator, In-Vivo Electroporator

2008 Act on an sole agency basis for CESCO BIOENGINEERING in Taiwan.
        ◎ High density cell culture system for protein expression, virus and monoclonal antibody production.

2009 Act on an agency basis for Esco from Singpore
        ◎ Bio Station

2009 Act on an sole agency basis for Research Instrument(RI) from UK
        ◎ IVF relevant

2010 Act on a agency basis for GeneOn from Germany
        ◎ spectrophotometer

2010 Act on an sole agency basis for Cryos international from Denmark
        ◎ spermcryo / spermfilter / IUI catheters

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